Coaching and training the talent you’ve got.


Sometimes you don’t need to search far to find a suitable candidate. They’re right in front of you – a member of your own team. Someone who with a bit of careful nurturing, training and coaching can successfully reach their full potential.


Here at Captura we are not just specialists at capturing fresh talent, our expertise stretches to refining the talent you already possess.


With more than 20 years dealer-facing experience in the areas of training, franchise development and process improvement, we can create bespoke training, coaching and process improvement programmes to develop your existing teams.


And we mean bespoke. Our programmes are tailored to your needs, your organisation and culture. From ‘Step Up To Management’ programmes that develop the next generation of senior management to individual one-to-one coaching and process improvement programmes aimed at refining existing skills and getting the best out of the staff that you have already invested in.


Whether it’s recruiting from scratch or refining the talent you’ve got, Captura have the capability to do it all.

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